The presence and absence of diseases, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and health conditions are determined by a variety of factors, including those related to people and society, animal health, governance and health systems, and environment and climate change.

The processes leading to disease and conditions are intrinsically interlinked with each other, within a complex web of causation:

One Health: Determinants associated with disease and antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

The One Health approach considers a holistic view including humans, animals, and the environment, and it is a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to understand occurrence of diseases, epidemics, and emerging antimicrobial resistance, by including medical, veterinary, wildlife, biological, agricultural, and social sciences, architecture, and the environment.

Source: Heukelbach J. One Health & Implementation Research: Improving Health for All. Health Implement Res 2020;1:1-3.