On 14 April 2020, the global community has celebrated the World Chagas Disease Day for the first time. Congratulations for this achievement!

About 110 years after its discovery, Chagas disease persists as a critical public health problem, having crossed the boundaries of Latin America. It is a neglected tropical disease, as evidenced by the ongoing scientific evidence gaps, the difficulty of incorporating new diagnostic and treatment technologies into the market, and the public health failures to ensure timely access to diagnosis and treatment associated with the development of consistent surveillance and control actions. As a result, there is a high burden of morbidity and mortality, and poor quality of life, poverty, stigma, as well as the fear of death persist for the affected people.

Despite considerable control efforts during the last years, Chagas Disease still affects millions of people, and continues being one of the most neglected tropical diseases!

Please see more details on the Chagas Disease Day at the WHO web site.

World Chagas Disease Day celebrated for the first time in 2020

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